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  • Wednesday ,05 March 2014

The right to smoke hashish

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,05 March 2014

The right to smoke hashish

Washington has been using human rights against its opponents since the very first Human Rights report published in 1949. The same technique was used against the Soviet Union as well as Mubarak. Another report was published this year to denounce human rights' violations during the dispersal of Rabaa Adawia and Nahda sit-in and after that. 

However, America doesn't recognize its own violations to human rights including what happened at Abu Ghraib prison and Guantanamo bay, as well as its vague support to Israel against the very basic human rights of the Palestinians, etc. Yet, it cannot see its own violations and mistakes.
I was astonished by the new American trend to use legalize marijuana, but yesterday, son of ousted president Mohamed Morsy was arrested with two cigarettes of marijuana. He proved by this to be a real American man!
At first, I doubted that police had sit him up in order to defame his father and arrest him, but I realized that this is not his first time, as he was arrested in similar case years ago while his father was a member of the Parliament. I came to realize that the man and his father should be used to getting high, which explains his famous “high” speeches that were far from reality.
America supports the right to get high in order to to keep them away from Its politics. This is the same reason it supports fanaticism. This is what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hail America that supports the right of smoking hashish and marijuana.