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  • Monday ,03 March 2014

Judge: Presidential elections could coincide with parliamentary


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Monday ,03 March 2014

Judge: Presidential elections could coincide with parliamentary

Director General of the Supreme Electoral Committee, Judge Hamdan Fahmy said presidential elections could coincide with parliamentary elections if the elections law was amended to allow for appeals against its decisions. He added that such an amendment could pave the way for submitting appeals against the constitutionality of the commission itself.

Judge Fahmy added in a statement to Arabiya channel that the constitution does not prevent simultaneously holding presidential and parliamentary elections, but that the committee would not allow amending the electoral rolls after the decision to call citizens to vote in the presidential elections.
Fahmy said that the coming elections would not witness a landslide win even in the case of the nomination of only one candidate. He added that this candidate must gain over the half of votes during the coming elections, as the law stipulates the win must be 50 percent plus one.
He added that the commission should start preparing for the election as soon as possible since the new constitution states elections must be held before April 17.  
He said that a committee meeting is scheduled to be held immediately after the issuance of the elections law.