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  • Tuesday ,25 February 2014

European coup

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,25 February 2014

European coup
I wonder how come we as well as many countries have double standards that we judge and see what happened in Egypt in 2011 a revolution and at the same time consider what happened in 2013 as military coup. 
Same thing happened with the revolution in ukraine when the parliament removed the president responding to the demands of only 30.000 protestors rather than millions in the egyptian streets and squares.
As the European countries and America liked what happened in Ukraine, they didn't call it “military coup”. Yet, they call it soft and decent revolution that respects the rights of the opposition! 
Both of the ousted presents in egypt and ukraine claim their rights to return to their offices. Yet, morsy can only do this knowing he is supported by many foreign countries.
In short, all of us have such double standards. Thus, we can see things from different angles. How come we can't see the truth? How come politics is so dirty?