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  • Friday ,07 February 2014

Adly Mansour’s last mission




Friday ,07 February 2014

Adly Mansour’s last mission

President Adly Mansour will soon be leaving the presidential palace after months of serving as Egypt’s president. He witnessed and endured a great deal. Mansour handled highly sensitive files and worked as hard as he could so that Egypt can overcome its troubles and implement the roadmap.

Adly Mansour’s wise management and remarkable poise has led Egyptians to perceive him as one of the most cherished and trustworthy figures.  Some have asked him to run for presidency, others suggested he head the upcoming parliament, and some recommend he become a presidential political and legal advisor. All of these suggestions point to the desire of Egyptians to benefit from the man who has earned their trust and respect.
Allow me to share my proposal to the next president, regardless of who he is, regarding Mansour’s future position.  I believe Mansour is an honest judge and a respected president. I must point out that respect is a quality that makes Mansour unique compared to other Egyptian presidents during the past 33 years.
I believe the next president should designate an advisory council to be in charge of long-term strategic planning. Such planning is something we lack. This council should include experts in all political, social, economic, and cultural fields and specialties.  I also think such a council will be able to fulfill the role that the Shura Council was supposed to play.
We want to change life in Egypt. Let us unite for the sake of the best interest of our country and our future. We want a council for renaissance and development. We do not want to be victims of political transformations and personal motives. We want Egypt to have a solid development project; one that does not change with different governments. We want a project that will be stable in the face of bureaucratic uncertainty. Other than Adly Mansour, I can’t think of a more appropriate person to head such a council.