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  • Thursday ,06 February 2014

The unforgivable sin

Nabil al-Mekaddis

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Thursday ,06 February 2014

The unforgivable sin

A friend asked me about the unforgivable sin in the bible. It was no easy question, and at that time I was busy studying the 2014 constitution. However, when I thought about the question, I realized that the current situation in Egypt can explain what the unforgivable sin means.

The Egyptians are willing to forget about so many mistakes by the Muslim Brotherhood, but it insists to be a terrorist group and decided to change the identity of Egypt by force. Its supporters insist on dividing the country and convert it into an Islamic state. This is apparently an unforgivable sin.
Insisting on such nonsense means that reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood have became impossible. Those who want to give up their identity are losing their mind as well as their future. They are muting their ears to listen to their craziness. 
Members of the terrorist group have decided to get rid of their nationality and homeland. Furthermore, they misunderstood their religion and called everybody else an infidel. Therefore, they have committed the unforgivable sin that no repentance can fix it. 
Killing the Egyptian people by homemade bombs and ‪car bomb attacks‬, attacking Coptic Churches, kidnapping soldiers and their sit-ins block any kind of reconciliation between the Egyptian people and members of the terrorist group. Spying for foreign countries and conspiring against Egypt have filled the dirty cup of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Sin of the Muslim Brotherhood has become so great that it can not be forgiven by the Egyptian people. Let me break it down for you: No reconciliation can be made between the Egyptian people and the Muslim Brotherhood. Game is over!