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  • Tuesday ,04 February 2014

Egypt and terrorism are different from the nineties

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,04 February 2014

Egypt and terrorism are different from the nineties

Trying to re-assure the Egyptian people, some people claim Egypt is able to fight terrorism just like she did in the nineties. I don’t want to cause panic, but I need to demonstrate that Egypt and terrorism are different from the nineties.

The situation today is much worse, as the Egyptian state is now weak and the government is either not able or willing to salvage the situation. Even worse, some of its members are considered traitors!
However the state in the nineties was oppressive, it was holding the reins with a powerful non- infiltrated police. Furthermore, it had stronger foreign relationships with many countries. Many countries found their interests with the traitor group of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Egypt during the nineties hasn’t passed through two revolutions that affected its police so badly, when prisons were broken into and police were much stronger. Moreover, the army was not involved in the internal security with the police. Information was in the hands of police, but now terrorists have got even more information about police officers and their families. 
National Security Police was never that weak that they need the support of the army so badly. Egypt in the nineties was not under rule of terrorists that gave all support to their terrorist colleagues.
This is why Egypt now is different from the nineties. Yet, we are going to know how also terrorism is different from the nineties in my next article that will tackle that object.