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  • Tuesday ,04 February 2014

A good dose of Sisi




Tuesday ,04 February 2014

A good dose of Sisi

I am one of Field Marshal Sisi’s greatest supporters ever since he was General; I dealt with him on many occasions and I respect him and like him. I remember asking former manager of Egyptian Intelligence General Murad Mowafy about those who worked Sisi a few months ago, he replied without any hesitation that Sisi is the best. And that is why I prefer to join the millions of people who support him as president.

I see so many hypocrites organizing themselves to make so much noise that can bring opposite result.
I also believe that General Sisi who is well-known for his integrity and seriousness. He will not be happy with bidding to support him and to race to show him that he is supported by certain people.
I heard that one day Field Marshal Tantawi was asked why General Sisi was promoted to Field Marhsal in the military so fast, and Tantawi’s response was “Is there any one like Sisi?”
Whenever I ask about Sisi, I find that he is praying, working hard on an assigned mission, or doing exercises to keep his military fitness.
I hereby will not talk very much about Sisi so that I would not join the hypocrites because Sisi is a human being and does not have a magic wand or make miracles. Our beloved country has endless problems, and that is why we need to talk about General Sisi in moderation without any exaggeration.