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  • Monday ,03 February 2014


J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,03 February 2014


I’ll start today’s article with a sincere congratulation to our new Marshal Abd El-fatah El-sisi in spite I had long time ago and still a complicated complex from this title in the Egyptian Army we had sad memories with it  starting with the first ever Marshal and vice president Ex. President R.I.P Nasser appointed! We ended up with a bitter defeat loosing Sinai, and suicide - or assassination who knows!!

All our Marshal over the past decades since 1952 revolution had a very short life as Marshals, some died in the line of duty, or natural death, but our Marshals had a very short life as Marshals and I do wish our newest ever Marshal a long healthy life and I’m sure he still has a lot more to give to Egypt!
Today I’ll open my own private BOOK OF MEMORIES, and compare between now and then and I’ll start with my first visit to Egypt after a very long absence, my prior visit was on year 2000 for family duties as my 1st ever brother in law died and had to be in Egypt! A very short visit full of duties does not count; but I do not recall the exact date of my second visit, all I can say it was RAMADAN time and some  presidential election going on or were about to start -last presidential elections of Mubarak- after introducing new adjustments in the constitution of that time allowing multiple candidates to compete as the constitution before that time stated that only one president candidate was allowed by the national assembly to vote “Yes” or “NO” and guess what always it was a “YES” with 99% of the population! This is not a joke it is the bitter reality of the Egyptian society starting with the lest possible entity in this society “The family” where a father -or mother- is the absolute DICTATOR of the family his orders must be obeyed or else……….!!!
Well, this is not a joke, it is the bitter reality our ex-presidents out of good intentions or ignorance or what so ever reason masked DICTATORSHIP as DEMOCRACY! 
Egyptians who never seen or lived in real Democratic environment never discovered the illusion they did live in it until it was too late way to late and we need way as many years of REFORM as much as a new generation of well educated and informed guys come into maturity to lead this country! And this is never too much in the life of a nation that extends for generations and generations provided they keep their nation alive, they do not surrender to the will of any one but themselves and remain united!
In my book of memories I do have India -a very close to Egyptians country- that was one rich very rich nation and Britain occupied like they did with Egypt and many more countries to the point SUN was always up and RISING somewhere in their Endless Empire!  Well this wealthy country that one of its all times best STONES still on the BRITISH CROWN in the Museum - as it was said it was stolen and cursed - so since ever all kings or queens fear to have it on their heads - this wealthiest country of old  times  was part of a conspiracy and become Pakistan, India and may be Afghanistan too! The OLD and still alive imperialism rule of Sykes-Picot - the division of the Ottoman Empire!
Well unfortunately this PLOT succeeded and there is no more that powerful famous OTTOMAN EMPIRE but we have now Turkey trying to revive this glorious past, the first collapsing stone in that empire was by Mohamed Ali the Ottoman who bought Egypt from the Ottoman, with his own consent not knowing what future had for this empire! Therefore obviously main target of Turkey new conspiracy is to get back that precious part of the world their ancestors lost! The Sykes Picot division theory still on it is not a part of the old past and gone, division after dividing Palestine, took place in many more places Sudan, Somali, Ethiopia, Ivory Cost, and many more places been already divided and more in the process like Libya, Syria, and Egypt! But are we going to give up like INDIANS?
I keep turning pages of the memories, I recall sometime after the 99.999% of Mubarak last elections all candidates who stood up for presidency against Mubarak ended up in prison under different offences and the most famous was IMAN NOUR, who human right so many times requested his freedom for health reasons and many more but was he ever sick? And if his health troubles were so serious how come he is still alive? And most important, this once upon a time person who dared to ask to represent Egypt as PRESIDENT, just gave up freely his nationality and is not any more Egyptian what if he was elected president and did this act?!
Can you imagine the president of any country in the world giving up on his nationality for any reason? I can not!  I know the United kingdom as a leading country in HUMAN RIGHTS become the No. 1 destination of many refugees; if you want a second chance, a new start, a new country to live in it UK -United Kingdom- is you best ever chances not as an immigrant, but as a POLITICAL ASSILUM to become a legitimate immigrant in UK your chances are next to ZERO, but like Abou Atata - The Jordan priest sentenced to death in the kingdom of Jordan - you are granted all privileges as a Political Asylum refugee! Privileges not even the best British workers who spent their lives serving the country can dream of! Let me turn this page to more memories before I loose my temper!
In my memories agenda I had tow many points to discuss one of them was the Egyptian family and its dictatorship environment, when the Father -Or Mother- is the absolute dictator of the family! His dictatorship might extend to the whole family -Brothers and sisters and cousins plus his own kids and wife- being the bigger son in the family; Such a dictatorship environment if you are a son you raised in BLIND OBEDIANCE or else!! How can I expect from such a person to be creative or a leader?
The second point was the electoral periods and the environment around candidates or presidency competition! I did not live much of it in Mubarak’s last elections, but was in Egypt from A to Z in the last electrons that put Morsy on the presidency sit! I so its beginning when Hazem Abou Isimal clearly and boldly threatened to create rivers of BLOOD in Egypt! Then once he was forced to step down due to his nationality origins and problems I saw questions of each supporter of someone Morsy was or Shafik, Soliman -R.I.P.- or Shater, when someone was expressing his dismay for this or that the question was well WHO? Who is better than X, Y, or Z? I used to answer on that question as follows :-
Egypt since the death of R.I.P. Nasser never had a LEADER, when Egyptians will find back their LEADER whoever he is, All Egyptians will follow him blindly!
Is Marshal El-Sisi that long time awaited LEADER? Well time will tell us and I rest my case here, may the POWER of Love prevail over the love of power so the world will know peace, and may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians.