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  • Friday ,31 January 2014

The explosion

Basant Mousa

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Friday ,31 January 2014

The explosion

36 months have passed since the revolution of January 25. Yet, dissociation has infected all institutions of the Egyptian state. It all started with the Muslim Brotherhood storming Egyptian prisons in January 28, 2011 supported by Western security agencies and Arab terror groups destroying security along with gates of the prisons.

However, it looks like such mess has to continue by destroying all state institutions in order to be real revolutionists. Security has become unreachable luxury and chaos is now proudly called freedom. No commitment by law or rules including traffic laws. Terrorists have became proud anchors in satellite TVs. Furthermore, some so-called revolutionists are used to destroy our community!
Few days ago, I woke up in the morning after I heard an explosion, which was found out to be a nice car that someone has exploded for some reason like he didn’t like the owner. Those who want to demolish the state do not understand that their demands means we continue having such chaos, and we won’t find a fire truck or ambulance at similar situation!
Such proud idiots are simply used to convert the region to a quagmire of backwardness and ignorance. This is what we have experienced under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and in many countries of the Arab Spring.
In short, we do need the state as well as its institutions, or else we are going to live in a wild wilderness. We should consider the poor and the sick when we think about destroying the state. If you have to commit suicide, don’t push the others off the bridge!