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  • Wednesday ,29 January 2014

This man deserves to be Egypt’s president




Wednesday ,29 January 2014

This man deserves to be Egypt’s president

“This man deserves to be Egypt’s president,” many whispered on Sunday, referring to President Adly Mansour after his speech that expressed the will of the Egyptian state and its ability to achieve its objectives of a better future.

 The speech stressed the need for confronting terrorists who think that they can undermine the will of the people and beat the state and its national institutions.
 The recent speech increased people’s respect of the president who bore responsibilities during a critical period, employing wisdom and awareness while performing his role as an interim president leading a transitional phase.
 As a judge, he managed to keep the glory and prestige of his judicial position. I think that Mansour could be the suitable president in a less violent and tense phase.
 History will note that the man accepted responsibility during one of the most critical periods that Egypt has witnessed. He did not escape, instead he decided to deal with the situation courageously like the soldiers who sacrifice their lives to protect their country.
 He did not pay attention to the comments of the fools who turned to mock his position as an interim president, instead he transcended his position and important role appreciated by the people.
Mansour proved that Egypt has efficient people who are qualified and willing to sacrifice to achieve the interests of their country. He also proved that he has national stature as an irreplaceable statesman.
Firmly, the presidential speech came to express the strength of the Egyptian state and the will of its people to confront the terrorism. He said in clear words, “I say to those terrorists that the despicable actions that you commit will not achieve your objectives, as the will of the Egyptian people will not be broken.
The Egyptians insist on eradicating your terrorism and to execute their roadmap. They turned to participate in marking the memory of our revolution to provide more evidence in this regard.”
The president’s speech came to assure the Egyptian people and to express his confidence in national institutions. Mansour proved that he is a statesman who should not be abandoned after the election of a new president.