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  • Tuesday ,28 January 2014

Idiots are stealing the state




Tuesday ,28 January 2014

Idiots are stealing the state

How easy to blame everyone, and how hard to have no other choices?

Maybe it is our destiny, in each terrorist incident, to face those who fake the truth to make cheap debates and despotisms and those who cleverly come up with excuses to expand suppression under exceptional measures and the state of emergency.

Unfortunately, we might lose our country to those two misleading parties. A bomb explodes against the present, the past, and the future, followed by a number of exploiters, who claim that they are revolutionary activists. They then blame the Ministry of Interior for negligence and call them coconspirators in such an affair. This ignores that only two years ago they were in the same place, deploring charges of treason without any evidence. Days pass and they simply act the same, accusing the Interior Ministry with the same accusations.
Nothing equals such rudeness but despots who deplore every single situation, while gaining politically, or support expansion of exceptional measures, such as asking the government to activate the emergency law without clarifying why we need it- or the shortages in the penal code.
We will not move forward if we remain in a state of reaction, like one who does not know what to do or how to manage until the disaster strikes. The Ministry of Interior is delinquent. But it is not only a matter of the ministry; it is also a matter of a whole nation who suffers from serious shortcomings in resources, capabilities, and scientific expertise. If we had those, we would not only secure buildings or neutralize bombs but would end the sources of terrorism.
The crisis also is the state of indifference toward the country, which make some youth promote terrorism even though they think they fight against it.