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  • Monday ,27 January 2014

Arts in Our Lives

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,27 January 2014

Arts in Our Lives

I always loved arts in all its aspects including:-

1. Music
2. Singing
3. Dancing
4. Painting
5. Movies
6. Theatres
7. Ballet
Not too sure if I forgot any or may be I was never interested with may be because I never got the chance to know any thing about it. But for sure when I was young I was fascinated with the Number 1 then dancing team the so called –Ferket Reda- or Reda’s Team after its creators The Reda brothers!
In my youth way before TV was introduced I would follow soaps over the Radio especially upon Ramadan with the 1000 nights and night staring Zouzou Nabil as Shehrazad. Then as TV was introduced in our life I start watching theatre, love the Rihani theatre after it’s creator Naguib El Rihani, would watch as well American soaps like Peyton Place or Batman and Spider Man, John Stead then I discovered the endless would of MOVIES that become my number 1 choice till today! As it opens discuses and concludes a subject from the point of view of its director or writer or producer!
Soaps might have a point to discuss but it takes ages until conclusion and there is no time to waist till you see what it tries to discuss and if you agree or disagree! In movies you might know in advance the point it tries to discuss knowing its actors, writer, producer, and director!
Whenever I see Adel El Emam staring in a movie I know it has a point to discuss or expose! I used to follow all new productions of one of the best actors/directors and producers of all times in Egypt who had many awards Internationally R.I.P. Youssef Shahin. I respect as well his best student and almost extension that exposed the brutality of the police in Heya Faouda or Is a Mess the director Khaled Youssef!
After this lengthy introduction for arts and their role in our life I come to my point of today’s article:-  
How movies affect our views in life
When revolution of 15 January 2011 was stolen by Muslim Brotherhood who most likely planed for it way before with movies and hidden hands their 1st concern was to prosecute the respectful actor Adel Emam for Contempt of the Islamic religion just because he exposed Islamic Terrorism in one of his movie “The Terrorist” or “Al Erhabi” but thanks God our Justice was still clean and dropped all charges! In fact Adel Emam in his movies –always- exposes something he exposed fake politicians, the corruption of powerful people, corruption of businessmen even corruption in rulers so I was not astonished when people stood against Mubarak on 25th January that was initially a stand up against police brutality!
Egyptians however, on 25th January 2014 celebrated with the police and army the memorial of the 25th January 2011 revolution showing endless defeat to those who tried to scare them from going out blowing up many people on Friday 24th January 2014 including a security centre and about 40 death not to talk of the wounded! But is that all what cinema industry discussed and exposed over the past decade? I would mention some movies I watched recently and what they expose or discuss will name them in English translation dropping the Arabic name or the Famous Name in Arabic dropping it’s translation, and will start with the most moderate one After the battle and as the name proposes it’s a look on the events of that 25th January 2011 revolution giving excuse to some of the thugs that did the famous Camel Battle calling them poor guys tourism is their job and the revolution turned them to JOBLESS poor guys ready for any thing to keep living! But is this an excuse are you asking me to become a thief because I lost my job or better find a new job learn a new talent to keep alive? There are so many people been affected with what happen and keeps happening but still standing tall refusing to sell their soles to Satan!  
The movies that keep mounting people against Police brutality, and note not all of them really Egyptian production meaning it was a higher level than local production that tries to alter vies of locals and discusses issues we all suffer from the Lebanese movie the Night of the 10 years shows extreme police brutality, and Beirut and night almost discuss same issue corruption in police top leaders who to protect a system from who knows what dangers commits all kinds of atrocities towards human rights! I have no idea when was those movies produced were they prior during or upon the civil wars in Lebanon or Syria but for sure you see one and same view –most likely foreign- view which tries to excite people against their governments then we see the fake Islamic Priest predicting revolution and fallen systems in Tunis, Libya, Egypt, and Syria! The famous Condoleezza Rice, Former Secretary of State, Arab Spring! The CIA, and other intelligence hand prints are obvious, and I guess as the CIA mistake giving Morsy –their spy- the presidency sit of Egypt was a huge one might be reason for BLACK ARTS in intelligence agencies! To hire a duff person as spy he did not took the most simple precautions of cover up is a serious mistake investigations with a fallen spy (Morsy or whomever) could expose top rated secrets.
Now, let us have a close look to the most recent movie The Square or El Midan that is nominated for an award, to me this can not be a movie that discusses the point of view of its actors or producers or directors it is most likely a documentary disguised to a movie with actors! The main actor –again trying to get the sympathy of spectators- just a poor kid survivor who did himself by himself – contradicting what was just said about the horse raiser who depend on tourism for their living in After the battle- he did not become a thug or turn to a thief he just worked hard to build himself by himself! Again we see in this movie the police brutality that led to the revolution then pure documentary I already saw it life on BBC and CNN!
It reminded me with the poisonous propaganda of CNN and Al Jezira networks with their guests that included -the masked then- Mohamed Baradei and other guests their main concern was that the Military Council taking over powers will never render them to a civil government but when the presidents of Egypt since the presidency of R.I.P. Jamal abd-el-Nasser was a military government? Nasser quit his job in the Army to become president, all of the free officers who made the revolution of 23rd July 1952 resigned the army but 2 or 3 of them that took military posts to rebuild the Egyptian Army, R.I.P. Sadat resigned to become the head of the parliament, and Mubarak since he become the vice president after the 6th October 1973 battle he left the Army. True they had a military background but this never qualify them to become a MILITARY PRESIDENT!!!
El Midan as a documentary more than a true movie contributed a great deal with the American propaganda that Muslim Brotherhood are just normal people not TERRORISTS! I once read and deep inside me rejected the idea that the white office and American officials prefer to deal with Islamists that a TRUE CIVIL government in Egypt they know in advance the limited of such a government they will ask for weapons to kill Muslims not Jews and will in return give LOTS OF CASH! Americans obviously welcome such deals Cash who does not need it? Weapons keeps a dieing industry ALIFE, and huge relief from protecting Israel from Egyptian or Syrian Armies!
However, because Egypt is blessed by God all plots and conspiracies failed so far, this does not mean the war is over, terrorism is all over the world Iraq blowing up people Kabul Same story, Somali not to talk of Syria that has a heavy load as they did not let got of their army like Egypt they stand fighting for their country! The newest types of invasions is still on and we Egyptians have to keep fighting and remain alerted until the power of love overcomes the love of power so the world would be in peace!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians Amen.