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  • Friday ,24 January 2014

Failure of the Elite

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,25 January 2014

Failure of the Elite

I can understand how many challenges face Egypt now. I can see just how much the religious groups threaten Egypt and the community. I can understand the need for a strong person to be in power and rule Egypt. 

What I can’t understand is that none of the political parties in the Egyptian community were able to introduce this person until the moment. These political parties were blaming Mubarak before, saying that he is the reason of failure. They were also always accusing Mubarak's regime of not giving them the opportunity to work in the street to gain supporters.
When the time came for the real test, we found that all political powers are in a big dilemma because they all failed to introduce one, just one person to run for the presidential elections and not only that, but they started to call out saying that there is no solution for the country except Sisi! 
I’m not here to criticize Sisi as a possible candidate for the presidential elections, but my main point is to refer to the failure of the political power. I also am not referring to the idea that the Mubarak regime doesn’t have anything to do with that, but I want to confirm that the main problem was in the political power and parties itself. 
Calling for military people as the only salvation for this country means that all the elite failed in proving that they can represent Egypt or solve any of its problems. It's something that should make all Egyptians sad to feel that there is not one person in Egypt that can manage the country.
I call all political parties to review themselves and its strategies about its political trend. They have to have what we call in political science, “Political socialization” because without taking any serious steps in this trend, the political parties will keep suffering from failure.