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  • Friday ,24 January 2014

Youth and the revolution




Friday ,24 January 2014

Youth and the revolution

It is unfortunate that there is a sense of disappointment among the youth of the January 25 and June 30 revolutions at a time when there should be a real partnership between the state and revolutionary youths.

After the referendum passed successfully and the popular will of Egyptians shined victorious with the passage of the new constitution, we should be wary from the weak participation of the youth in the referendum.
It is clear that those who attack the January 25 Revolution are like those who attack June 30. January 25 was a popular revolution that came out to demand freedom, social justice, and national independence. June 30 happened to correct the revolution’s path that was sabotaged by the treacherous and terrorist Muslim Brotherhood (MB).
Youths should prove the success of their experience and get out of the pointless sense of disappointment. They should offer themselves as alternatives to the regimes of Hosni Mubarak and the MB. In the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution we should continue to pursue the rest of the revolution’s goals.
What is strange is that we are talking about this stage. We know that mistakes or miscalculations happened at some moments, but our main goal is to push the country forward and establish a political system that belongs to the revolution.
We need a candidate that offers a program that belongs to the revolution. The candidate should promise not to recreate the corruption of Mubarak or the tyranny of the MB. The candidate should offer a clear economic program that takes the side of social justice, aims for a surplus in production, seeks justice in distribution, and does not accept foreign domination.