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  • Thursday ,23 January 2014

January 25




Thursday ,23 January 2014

January 25

The best comment I heard about Jan. 25 is that we need to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution, which transformed us from tyranny to freedom, with a different mindset. Instead of carrying flags and celebrating in the squares and returning to our homes exhausted as if we fulfilled our duty; let’s make it a day that actually benefits the country. Let’s  all volunteer on Jan.25. Let’s collect garbage from the streets, beautify fences, and help organize traffic.

Let’s go out to help charities, orphanages, literacy associations, and organizations that help the disabled. Let’s make our celebrations and efforts impactful, lasting and memorable.
I asked myself, “Why don’t we think this way? Why do we announce our political orientation, be it pro, anti, or even terrorist, through demonstrations and disruption of the movement of people? Why do we carry flags and chant slogans? Is that all we know about protesting or celebrating? Are we still controlled by our anger from the tyranny of Mubarak’s regime, and have not yet attained psychological and political satisfaction?”
The Muslim Brotherhood exploits the public’s tendency to do the above. They promote the biggest rumor campaigns and threaten that Jan. 25 will be a bloody day that will witness armed struggle, the killing of policemen and all individuals who support the system, and the breaking into state TV and all sovereign state institutions.
Some Western players are betting on the success of Muslim Brotherhood plans for bloodshed during this day, and why? To absorb and diminish the legitimacy bestowed on the June 30 popular movement by the success of the constitutional referendum.
Work is the right way to confront terrorism and its supporters abroad and ensure the completion of the roadmap. Through work we can raise legitimate unified national associations to confront the Western parties that work against our stability, progress and the real Egyptian renaissance
Leave the streets to the police and army on Jan. 25 and let’s devote ourselves, as citizens, to serving the country through work, and helping the poor.