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  • Wednesday ,22 January 2014

Stop talking and start working

Michel Fahmy

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Wednesday ,22 January 2014

Stop talking and start working

After the Arab spring, Egypt was hit by some kind of “political bomb” that caused the existence of 82 political parties and 431 movements, fronts, and unions. These many political views were discussed by thousands of people who, unfortunately, care for their party more than their country. Therefore, many people lost their sense of belonging to their country.

With much talk, people worked less, cared less about their country, and clashed more. Dozens of private televisions and talk shows distracted the people from working for their country. Only businessmen made the best use of such too much talking.
Additionally, Human Rights traders and many so-called revolutionists achieved some profit as well.
After the new constitution was passed, the Muslim Brotherhood incited many youth to claim rights over the revolution of June 30.
Voice recordings proved that Egyptian activists were behind the demonstrations of January 25, 2011, that enabled the Muslim Brotherhood to reach power by a dirty conspiracy.
Egypt’s next president has to do his best in order to stop so much talking and encourage much working and production. The Egyptian media has to play its vital and national role. Long live Egypt and may all conspirators go to hell.