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  • Wednesday ,22 January 2014

The revolution is not just a demonstration




Wednesday ,22 January 2014

The revolution is not just a demonstration

A state of controversy and polarization dominated the Egyptian people for three years since the January 25 Revolution. Many of those people who participated in the revolution did not expect that the country would witness the current state of polarization, fear, controversy and conflict.

During the third anniversary of Egypt’s revolution, the Egyptian people have contradicting visions and feelings. They are currently divided between ambitious and angry people, while the revolution distinguished the revolutionaries, politicians, opportunists and aspirators.
The current experience turned to threaten the Egyptian state and its objectives. It led the country to a state of polarization and conflict. The country turned from Mubarak’s regime and his National Democratic Party (NDP) into the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood that pushed many people to express their refusal of the revolution.
The January 25 Revolution was not the reason of the current state witnessed in the country, but it, as an exceptional event, showed both the positive and negative sides of the country. Egypt was a central state under a complicated and strong regime in which security factors intertwined with bureaucracy.
Three years from the revolution, many things changed, while those people who participated in the revolution still keep the same ideas and objectives. They demanded to achieve freedom, social justice and equality. They refused the injustice, corruption and forgery. They did not struggle during their revolution to achieve personal gains.
One day, they turned to clean the square, as they wanted to see Egypt as a clean and fair country. Even the opportunists, who worked to use the revolution to achieve their personal interests, were revealed by the revolution like the others who conspired to steal the efforts of others.
The revolution revived hope to achieve serious change for a better future. Those people who participated in the revolution to achieve this objective should not adopt the same approach not to repeat their mistakes. They should not respond to those opportunists who incite to burn the country through fueling the demonstrations. They should realize that the demonstration is not the objective, while it is the mean to achieve the objectives.
The revolution is an action to achieve change for the better, while it is not chaotic action. It aims to reform the institutions not to burn them. The Egyptians need to restore their unity after three years of division. They participated in the revolutions of January and June to achieve a better future; not for the past and not to create heroes of paper.