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  • Tuesday ,21 January 2014

Referendum of the good times

Mina M. Azer

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Tuesday ,21 January 2014

Referendum of the good times

Dear Egyptian readers, let me congratulate you on your participation in the referendum and the victory of "yes" supporters. This constitution that many people excreted great effort to draft and pass it.

It is a real consensus constitution sponsored by no fascist or terrorist group. Moreover, it came after many fruitful debates and discussions to benefit the whole homeland and not a single group.
However, this "yes" is very different from other yeses we're used to as it reflects the real will of the Egyptian people, since this voting process was not forged. 
No couldn't overcome yes this time as it couldn't face a real election without forgery and use of religion or weapons. 
There was no division this time save for few exceptions. Those who didn't vote should be punished or pay fine as most of them belong to the Muslim Brotherhood. Those who refused to participate should pay some price in order to learn to vote the next time.
It was a referendum of the good times when people love each other. People were helping each other. Only two steps remaining to our victory road; the parliamentary and presidential elections.