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  • Tuesday ,21 January 2014

No return for old faces




Tuesday ,21 January 2014

No return for old faces

“Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said, in his statements during the Cabinet’s meeting, that he completely refuses the return of ‘old faces’ to the political scene, and Egypt will not return to its status before the January 25 Revolution.”

The General here speaks using the same lingo of the youth and revolutionary powers, who have been accused by the media and the figures of the June 30 uprising of sedition, treason and succumbing to the exclusionary desires… By that same token, do you also accuse Sisi of being exclusionary?
The General is using the same resolute language of the youth, which refuses the regression of the Egyptian situation to what was before the January 25 Revolution. The media and the figures of the June 30 uprising consider this language as revolutionary adolescence. Do any of you dare to accuse Sisi of revolutionary adolescence?
The General, like the youths, has steadfastly described what happened on January 25 as a revolution, while media and the figures of the June 30 uprising describes the January 25 Revolution as a conspiracy and a setback, as well as accusing its supporters of treason or lack of political awareness. Do any of you have the courage to accuse Sisi of treason, or receiving foreign funds due to his belief in the January 25Revolution, as you have done with the youths?
No one answered any of the previous questions, they are so cowardly that they cannot answer; they are too cowardly to even whisper a condemnation of these statements made by General Sisi, although they scream out loud accusing youths and others when they say the same things.
They are also too cowardly to accuse Amr Moussa, head of the 50- member committee, of joining the fifth column, following his statements regarding the importance of recalling the Brotherhood to the political scene. However they place the youths, writers and politicians who demand the same things at the top of the list of the fifth column.
Then one question remains: Does General Sisi really believe in his statements regarding the return of old faces, and that we should not return to the situation before the January 25 Revolution? … Let us try to answer this question.
Talks concerning the non-return of old faces of the “corrupt figures of the Mubarak regime” to the political scene are good, but even better is to work faithfully to end the former regime’s practices, and cleanse the state’s agencies and institutions from the Mubarak regime viruses, including ill performance and figures.
Talks of not returning to the situation before the January 25 Revolution may be acceptable when discussed by the Deputy Prime Minister, in the case that he succeeds to convince his government to cease its practices that resemble those of Mubarak’s governments.
These practices begin with detaining those who voted against the constitution, and the government’s fairytale statements, which do not reflect the reality, and end with the state and private media’s fawning over all the state’s official statements, even if they are catastrophic.