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  • Thursday ,16 January 2014

To be or not to be!

Gergis Wahib

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Thursday ,16 January 2014

To be or not to be!

The Egyptian people are facing great challenge and confrontation with the forces of darkness; I mean the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters including the United States of America and some European countries. Turkey decided to misuse the situation in Egypt to restore the Islamic caliphate, while Qatar and Hamas decided to use Egypt and make the best out of the chaos in Egypt. 

In order to face these countries, the Egyptian people had to participate in the constitutional referendum on January 14 and 15th. This constitution reflects the goals of the revolution of June 30 that overthrew the fascist regime, which was apparently considered the worst regime that ruled Egypt.
The Egyptian people had to rush to the polling stations in order to defend Egypt against the terrorist group and its allies at home and abroad. They were ready to sacrifice their bloods and lives just like the brave soldiers of the armed forces, especially with many threats of the terrorist group.
Furthermore, they understood the great merits of this constitution, as it abolished the distinction between the Egyptians based on religion or sex, granted freedom of speech and worship, limited the powers of the president, granted the rights of the elderly and sick people, granted the accountability for the president, and obligated the state to apply the health insurance system and granted social justice. 
For the first time, an Egyptian constitution grants all these rights and freedoms. Therefore, the Egyptians decided to participate actively and vote “yes” for it in order to activate all these rights.
They decided to vote “yes” for stability and freedoms and refuse the terrorization of the murderers and terrorists. They voted “yes” for their beloved country, Egypt. They understood that it’s to be or not to be.