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  • Wednesday ,15 January 2014

The Egyptians vote for Egypt against Conspiracy

Girgis Bushra

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Wednesday ,15 January 2014

The Egyptians vote for Egypt against Conspiracy

The Egyptians are participating today and tomorrow in referendum on Egypt’s new constitution. Despite my dislike to some of its articles, I believe this one is a major starting point for democracy, social justice and the rule of law. This constitution fights discrimination among Egyptian citizens on the basis of religion, color, sex, or race. Furthermore, it confirms the Egyptian identity and national sovereignty and protects our armed forces against the plots of the Muslim Brotherhood.

For the first time, the new Egyptian constitution criminalizes the discrimination between citizens and obliges the State to protect the rights of the disabled, dwarves, peasants, workers and even patients. There are many articles which oblige the State to protect freedom of speech, expression, creativity, art, and Intellectual Property Rights. Moreover, sports and scientific research are to the attention of this constitution that allows the possibility of accounting the president himself.
All these benefits came after the revolution of June 30 to over throw the regime of the Muslim Brotherhood that carried out the plans of several international organizations and intelligence aiming to destroy Egypt. This revolution cost the Egyptians, Muslims and Coptic Christians, dearly to cleanse Egypt of the traitors.
Those traitors should do their best to make the referendum process fail and to cause as much chaos as they could.
Therefore, voting “yes” in the referendum is voting for the Egyptian identity. It’s voting for the future generations and better standards of living for them. It’s voting for our army and our dignity. It’s voting for our future.
Moreover, we are confident in our armed forces, Egyptian police and the National Security Agency to secure the referendum process. The Egyptians will go out ignoring threats and intimidation of the Muslim Brotherhood to thwart the referendum process.
This should be a great day for our future and national struggle.