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  • Tuesday ,14 January 2014

Soft Power




Tuesday ,14 January 2014

Soft Power

Soft power comes from official institutions that can influence the outside world, in Egypt these institutions are Al-Azhar, the Coptic Church, universities, and grand museums that hold human legacy. One such museum is in Luxor and holds a quarter of all human legacy according to UNESCO’s reports.

All these elements can work together along with an influential Arab role in Egypt’s life in order for the country to regain its regional top-spot for being home to the Nile, the pyramids, Taha Hussein, al-Aqaad, Um Kulthoum, Abdel-Wahab and many other icons who influenced our fellow Arab brothers and other friends.
I demand the use of soft power for our country’s service; this is not out of a stupid superiority complex, but rather because Egypt has a great position in the Arab and African world.
Egypt has a role that must be an active one in the Islamic world, and a cultural role in the Mediterranean area. All I want for Egypt is to get her position back, especially after the unprecedented Arab support from countries that are well aware of Egypt’s role in being the core of the balance for the whole region.
If Egypt’ situation is good, the whole region is affected and vice versa. This is why Egypt now needs new rhetoric in the media, rhetoric that eliminates despair, raises hope, and strengthens belonging and loyalty to Egypt. I believe in the arrival of dawn after a long, dark night.