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  • Thursday ,09 January 2014

Jurisprudence of revolutionary review




Thursday ,09 January 2014

Jurisprudence of revolutionary review

You are too kind: kind enough to think that reading Utopia is enough to allow you to deal with Egypt’s confusing situation, without trying to study reality during the past three years after the 2011 revolution. Reality is far from being a dream land where good wishes come true just by hopes and mobilizing in squares to demand their fulfillment.

 You are too kind, my Jan. 25 and Jan. 28 marches companion. You do not realize that your dreamy way will not bring bliss to Egypt, not on Jan. 25, 2011 or June 30, 2013. You do not have enough courage to confess your mistakes, the mistakes of thinking that dreams could be achieved in a short period of time, the mistakes of allowing individuals affiliated to the Mubarak regime, Muslim Brotherhood, and Salafis, to take over your revolution.
 You, my companion facing Habib al-Adly’s Ministry of Interior shots , hang your broken dreams on the excuse that people are simple and ignorant, but you have never tried to pave the way, yet you are shocked by the millions who chant the name of the Minister of Defense and wish him to be president.
 I only want to diagnose the disease of reality so we can find the cure. The first step is for you to man up and confess that during these past three years we failed to find an alternative.
 Egyptians are not slaves to any concept; they only want a better future and a stable source of income. Do not run away from your failure to present a strong alterative for the people that would guarantee them a better future. You have been a slave to your dreams. The Muslim Brotherhood are slaves to their dreams which do not recognize Egypt as a home. The elite are slaves to their interests and private gains. The remaining powers from Mubarak’s regime are slaves to power.
 Everyone, except for the simple citizen, whom you mock as sick and poor, are part of the slave lists. Go to that citizen, and try, even for once, to find an effective way to deal with people on the street, away from social media and slogans that have nothing to do with reality.