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  • Friday ,03 January 2014

Colonialism is colonialism




Friday ,03 January 2014

Colonialism is colonialism

Western colonization will remain the same no matter how much people with good intentions think it changes in response to the will of the people.

A good example is when the Egyptian government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, and the U.S. said it is not obligated to approve the decision.
Moreover, the U.K., Turkey, and Germany announced that their doors are open to the Brotherhood leaders.
They revealed their true intentions by not caring for Egyptians’ will, despite the terrorist attacks in Egypt which the Brotherhood and their supporters were involved in. These colonial countries have double standards and support terrorism to execute their plans in the Middle East.
They previously invaded countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. They destroyed other countries like Lebanon and Syria in order to re-divide the region and plunder our countries for the thousandth time.
These states have lost their credibility in fighting terrorism, and few Middle Eastern countries would support them in the event they experience terrorist attacks.
The important thing is that we no longer confuse enemies and friends. Some countries are still betting on the destruction of Egypt and the region as a whole.
The danger still exists; the enemy has not withdrawn. There is a fifth column that actively works to sabotage the country and calls to restore political power to the Brotherhood.  
We should reunite to choose the best leader, beyond personal interests and ambitions that destroy more than they build.