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  • Wednesday ,01 January 2014

What comes after naming the MB a terrorist group?

Magdi George

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Wednesday ,01 January 2014

What comes after naming the MB a terrorist group?

I do not support reconciliation with a terrorist group like the Muslim Brotherhood, especially as it proved it is willing to destroy the homeland for some personal benefits. Furthermore, I am not Jesus Christ to say: "whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

In fact, However Mubarak's regime have banned the group, he gave it many privileges until it came in power in June 2012. This group had produced a lot of terrorist organizations that only caused destruction and terrorism everywhere.
I wonder what the next step is. If president Nasser was able to stop them in the sixties by force, the current government won't be able to do the same. Therefore, security forces won't be able to deal with them alone, and we have to find other solutions to stop this terrorist group.
Political or diplomatic solution should be found to decrease the international support for this group, especially for countries like America and Qatar. 
Additionally, the financial resources of the Muslim Brotherhood abroad have to be dried out as they are used to manipulate the Egyptian national security. 
Moreover, this is a good chance for the Egyptian political parties to work hard in order to attract supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood who are not willing to follow this terrorist group anymore.