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  • Wednesday ,25 December 2013

Islamists criticize practices of the Muslim Brotherhood


Copts and Poliltical Islam


Wednesday ,25 December 2013

Islamists criticize practices of the Muslim Brotherhood
CAIRO: Political disagreement by the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood turned into libel, slander and violence, Sheikh Sameh Abdel Hamid, a prominent figure at the Salafist Call, told Youm7 Monday.
“They attempt to destroy state institutions like the military, police and Al-Azhar and seek empowerment from foreign entities,” Abdel Hamid said.
“The Brotherhood threatens to ‘crush’ and ‘slaughter’ their opponents, and they claim they support legitimacy and Sharia Law. How is that possible?”
Abdel Hamid also criticized the graffiti Brotherhood supporters draw on public and private buildings for including “obscene” wording. He also criticized the female supporters of the Brotherhood, who unprecedentedly climb gates and block traffic with batons as weapons, he said.
Coordinator of the Moderate Front to Counter Violence and Extremism Sabra al-Qasemi, a former jihadist leader, told Youm7 the Brotherhood chant against their own homeland, and monopolize speaking in the name of Islam and accuse others of apostasy.
The attitude of the Brotherhood made many of their supporters turn away from them, Qasemi said.
“The Brotherhood chant for the downfall of the military and police, which means they want the downfall of Egypt which survives on established institutions,” he added.