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  • Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Court refers Morsi case to prosecution


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Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Court refers Morsi case to prosecution

The Burg Al-Arab Misdemeanour Court referred ousted president Mohamed Morsi’s case involving the deception of the Egyptian people back to the prosecutor’s office, citing its lack of jurisdiction on Monday, according to state-run Al-Ahram.

Morsi was accused by an attorney of deceiving the Egyptian people for presenting a fraudulent electoral programme in order to gain votes during the Egyptian presidential elections in 2012. The programme included a major project titled Al-Nahda, which was constantly reiterated by Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters.
The former president was not present at the court and is currently being preventatively detained and is facing three other trials. Charges directed at Morsi include inciting violence outside the Presidential Palace on 5 December 2012, espionage and breaking prisoners out of jail.
The investigative judge referred Morsi to the criminal court on Saturday after finding direct evidence incriminating him.  In a statement, the prosecution described these crimes as “the most dangerous acts of terrorism the country had ever witnessed”.