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  • Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Morsi prosecuted for deceiving citizens during the electoral campaign


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Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Morsi prosecuted for deceiving citizens during the electoral campaign

CAIRO: Borg al-Arab Misdemeanor Court is scheduled to consider the lawsuit filed against ousted President Mohamed Morsi, accusing him of promoting a delusive program during his electoral campaign before presidential elections as part of the Nahda Project.

Lawyer Samir Sabry filed a case against Morsi, accusing him of deceiving the public during his electoral campaign. Morsi managed to delude people that his regime would cause prosperity, freedom, and economic growth. He promised to be a president for all Egyptians and to protect their human rights but he has not honored his commitments after his ascent to power.
Sabry said in his lawsuit that Morsi is currently prosecuted for the violations that he committed during his regime. Sabry said Morsi supported “terroristic actions,” incited violence to drive a wedge between Egyptians, and fueled violence against Coptic Christians.
Sabry submitted a document to the court with 70 crimes Morsi committed against Egypt and its citizens, calling to severely punish him. Morsi received a declaration to attend the session on Monday.