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  • Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Court of Appeals receives file for Morsi prison break lawsuit


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Tuesday ,24 December 2013

Court of Appeals receives file for Morsi prison break lawsuit

CAIRO: The Cairo Court of Appeals received on Sunday an investigation file regarding the prison break at Wadi al-Natroun Prison that resulted in the escape of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, a judicial source said.

The court will determine a trial date for Morsi and 130 defendants including leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qassam Brigades and Hezbollah who are all accused of conspiring against national security in a lawsuit.
The list of defendants includes the top leader of the Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, his deputy Mahmoud Ezzat, former parliament speaker Saad el-Katatni, members of the Guidance Bureau Mohamed el-Beltagy, Essam el-Erian and Saad al-Hossainy, in addition to 124 other defendants.
The defendants are charged with kidnapping police officers and detaining them in the Gaza Strip, using heavy weaponry to resist Egyptian forces, and committing violent acts to harm the independence of the country, its unity and its territorial integrity.
They are also accused of the attempted murder of police officers, setting fire to governmental buildings, breaking into prisons, looting livestock and poultry, seizing weapons and ammunitions from warehouses and enabling prisoners to escape.