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  • Monday ,23 December 2013

International MB asking for ‘no’ vote on constitution


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Monday ,23 December 2013

International MB asking for ‘no’ vote on constitution

CAIRO: A source inside the Muslim Brotherhood told Youm7 on Saturday that they have received requests in emails and text messages from international Brotherhood organizations to mobilize their members to vote “no” on the upcoming constitutional referendum.

The source also told Youm7 that Brotherhood members plan to urge a “no” vote on the referendum and to demonstrate in the streets on the days of the referendum in order to distract police and army forces.
Former Jihad Organization leader Sabra al-Qasami told Youm7 the Brotherhood will attempt to clash with security forces responsible for securing the referendum in order to create panic among citizens. He said security forces should be alert in the upcoming days.
Qasami said the Brotherhood and its allies consider the referendum process the last chance to make a major political impact in Egypt, because if the constitution process is completed it would mark the end of their fight against the transition period and interim government.
He said the Brotherhood is likely to facilitate the positioning of ”terrorist” leaders in strategic places during the referendum in order to carry out “terrorist” actions on the third anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.
The Brotherhood’s National Alliance to Support Legitimacy said a press conference will be held on Sunday at the Al-Wasat Party headquarters, during which the alliance will announce its position on the referendum.