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  • Thursday ,12 December 2013

My New Year’s wish

Mohammed Anwar Sadat

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Thursday ,12 December 2013

My New Year’s wish
At the end of each year, every body has many wishes for himself and his country as well. However, under the current difficult circumstances in Egypt, we should do more than wishing. We have to work hard and exert effort. Yet, I want to share many wishes with you.
At the end of 2013, the great Mandela departed after he had given an example for forgiveness and justice. In this spirit, we should announce the investigation results in all incidents of the last year and hold urgent trials. Innocent people should live in peace and spread love among people.
Now, as referendum on the amended constitution is at hand, we should focus on explaining the benefits and advantages of this constitution leaving the final decision to the people. International monitoring should be helpful to prove our serious movements taken towards democracy and refute the accusations of possible forging the voting process.
We should use grants and aid from the Gulf countries to develop our country. ‪Egypt has to get the loan from the World Bank to finance projects that are part of state investment and development plans‬. Egypt has to launch its first nuclear power plant and to take serious steps to solve the crisis of the Renaissance dam.
The presidential and parliamentary elections should be held in its due time in order to carry out the road map. Furthermore, the relationships with all countries, including enemies of the revolution like Iran, Qatar, and Turkey, should be repaired.
We are not worried about Egypt, as she is protected by God’s will. However, we should realize the seriousness of the current surroundings and work hard to rebuild and develop this country.