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  • Friday ,06 December 2013

The UN caring for Ahemd Maher more than millions of Coptic Christians!

Michel Fahmy

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Friday ,06 December 2013

The UN caring for Ahemd Maher more than millions of Coptic Christians!

Some so-called young revolutionaries who belong to April 6 movement as well as some socialists have broken the Egyptian law by demonstrating in Talaat Harb Square in Cairo giving big test to the state, challenging its ability to apply the new protest law. They were asked nicely to dismiss their protest until they get a license. However, they refused and verbally abused the police. Thus, they were arrested according to the law.

60 minutes later, the United Nation and Amnesty International have issued strong statements to denounce attacking the “Poor Egyptian Youth” condemning the acts of the Egyptian government. 
However, the international organizations have ignored the continues violations of human rights by the fanatics against the Coptic Christians, their properties and churches. As usual, no body was condemned in the recent attack in Badrman village, Minya, in which a Coptic Christian child was thrown from a second floor window causing her serious injuries as well as burning dozens of houses of the Copts. This usually encourages the terrorists and oppressors to feel free to attack the Copts and seizing their properties.
Here, I blame many human rights activists in Egypt who trade on the Coptic cause without actually helping the persecuted Copts or exposing their oppressors.
The Coptic activists abroad are to be blamed as well for many of them hold conferences and meetings, and do TV interviews about the Coptic cause without really caring about the Copts. It became more of a ‪Bargain Hunt‬ show!