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Father Phelopatir Gamiel


The regulations of 1957 and 1938

19 September 2012
The regulation of 1957 is related to the conditions of electing the new pope..More

The satanic conspiracy

13 September 2012
Three weeks ago, I expected a wave of attacks on Christians and the church after the attacks of Rafah, which is the same policy of the former regime and is adopted by Muslim Brotherhood; whenever the government wants to distract the people, it agitates some prepared issues like football problem, the extremists' problem with the art, ..More

Constituent Assembly to divide Egypt

4 September 2012
Few days ago, HG Bishop Paula came out excitedly telling us that church delegation in the Constituent Assembly has been able to make an achievement. For the first time in the Egyptian history, ..More

You do not know what manner of spirit you are of!

14 June 2012
I felt really bad upon reading in Alwatan newspaper that father Salib Matta Sawirus supports the application of the death penalty against the person who defames God, religions, or prophets. The man is member of General Congregation Council and head of Salam international center for human rights as well as a church leader. ..More

AIDS or cancer?

16 May 2012
6 years ago and before the Egyptian presidential elections in 2005, I wrote an essay entitled "the Copts between the National Party and the Muslim Brotherhood" where I mentioned dozens of sectarian incidents against the Copts since ..More