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Let's Protest Against Protests!

18 September 2012
It is often the people who are optimistic enough to think they can make a difference that do make a difference. ..More

Democracy? Sorry, Not Today

13 September 2012
People, wake up! This is what a democracy is, freedom of the people! ..More

The Muslim Brotherhood; A Shiny New Dictatorship

5 September 2012
The Muslim Brotherhood wants to dominate all of Egypt..More


6 June 2010
The Church respects the freedom rights of those who want to divorce outside the Church, therefore, those who want to divorce should respect the Church's freedom rights as well. If a man divorces his wife, the Church does not force him to take her back, therefore such a man has no right to force the Church to ..More


28 April 2010
If we didn't stand in the face of ofend and oppression we'll exspose to more violant attacks, i plead with pop shinoda to take a seriouce step and not to fear any body , but god ...More

The truth

25 April 2010
the truth is that we do not know who we are.are we christians as jesus said or are we jewish as the old testament said.the problem is that we use the new testamet at one stage and then switch to old testament ..More