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Gergis Wahib


Forced Displacement of the Copts?

3 August 2012
Yesterday, there was another attempt to break into a church, after demolishing the church of Atfih, burning the church of Embaba..More

MB kingdom is to come!

1 August 2012
President Mohammed Morsy will never work away from Muslim Brotherhood after it had brought him to the presidential office. MB had a project since its very beginning. It's not true that MB will separate from Morsy, or Morsy from MB. Moreover, I believe that all his real advisers and assistances will be MB members. Moreover, he wouldn't take any important decision without consulting the Guidance Bureau of MB. ..More


29 June 2012
Thanks to crises as they reveal men. We saw Ahemd Shafik who has honorably lost the elections against Dr. Mohammed Mursy however all of us know that the elections should have been annulled after the results had been rigged,..More

Democracy of MB

25 June 2012
MB history since its very beginning or the beginning of the revolution of January 25 does not bode at all that they will bring something good for Egypt. MB has called the revolutionists drug addicted and adulterers. Moreover, it charged the judges of corruption and called Christians infidels. Furthermore, it charged ministry of interiors of corruption and issued an advisory opinion that tourism as well as banking is haram or prohibited by Islam. ..More

Black or white!

12 June 2012
I'm surprised that political movements, parties, youth revolution coalitions as well as liberal candidates for the presidency are going to support Dr. Mohammed Mursy, the candidate of Muslim Brotherhood against Ahmed Shafik. They know that Mursy and his Freedom and Justice Party are seeking a religious state in Egypt to restore the Islamic caliphate and declare the Islamic law. Moreover, they support MB and their candidate and when they felt that Mursy would lose, they demanded the cancellation of the best Egyptian presidential elections ever. ..More