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J.M Fahmy

What Is Going On?

2 July 2012
For the past week and since early hours of last elections ended at 10pm Sunday 17, then 6 hours later at 4am Dr. Morsy declared he had WON and Egypt never slept since then! People celebrating the new civilian 1st ever elected president, others objecting, and as usual Egypt subdivided on it self between supporter, opposition, indifferent, and admirers you name it...More


21 June 2012
On this crucial time in the history of Egypt a 7,000 old civilization country that hosted two of the old 7 wonders of the world after a brief off the Internet forced vacation I can not post my thoughts weekly as I used to do recently, but my feelings and thoughts still on; you can not stop caring of whom you love or put your brains in rest unless you are in a comma and even then your brains is working on its own out of control but still working until finally put on eternal rest with death. ..More

A Brief Review of Economics and Politics

25 May 2012
Away from the political talks and elections of Egypt or expectations there today I’ll take you to a short trip to a real life story I witnessed few years ago. As I’m looking all around me since several months started sometime last year around June, when Obama restlessly demanded the approval of a new bill of expenses which brought down the worldwide value of the USA Dollar, then the crisis spread to Europe and I would say the whole world. ..More

What is after?

21 May 2012
As we are closer and closer to the doom day of elections you might all think I should remain in the spirit of the hour and talk about elections, but seriously when I think of that day, elections, results, fair or unfair elections, is there to be any discrepancies, planned or unplanned results, what is after, a 100 + 1 unanswered questions and a feel lost and empty I do not know what to say!..More

Is it revenge From Egypt or Just Jealousy?

14 May 2012
As I was Watching BBC news and other broadcasting news channels to keep a close eye on the events of last Friday my biological clock stopped and start rolling back in time to last century! The absent minded people who decided to..More

The Absent Minded

7 May 2012
With the wide spread of MB-Muslim Brotherhood- on the political street with the support of narrow minded people, ignorant, or low level education and poor people who expect miracles from MB and surrendered their thinking powers to the General Guide of MN I find it necessary to discuss and point out who ignorance leads to more ignorance and takes the country to dark eras...More

What to do before selecting…

30 April 2012
In a few weeks down the line Egyptians will be heading once more to the ballots, they had to Vote on March 2011 for constitutional amendments which come against all odds due the famous Invasion of Boxes…then again after lots of put off and a major stress on MC (Military Council) another election took place to create our National Assembly which proved its failure to represent people or solve their problems. At the time I warned, how can we elect a member of parliament before clearly setting his duties his role and how to account him or fire him from the parliament provided he failed to do what was supposed to do? ..More

Can He Do it Again?

23 April 2012
Thanks God ...Last week in my thoughts I published a post under the Title WHY I declared why I do not support Omar Suleiman as President cause I see in him the image Of Hosni Mubarak, maybe it was because in a last attempt from Mubarak to contain the 25 January Revolution he appointed him as Vice president which made him more hated by public opinion! I know there were lots of good sides in Omar Suleiman as a public respected figure but for sure not locally acceptable. To me he was a no no just like Military Council-MC- or Muslim Brotherhood-MB- they all were a NO NO!..More

Where are we heading... is the revolution of January 25th OVER?

10 April 2012
Egypt revolution for freedom dignity food and pride is in a every bad corner.. I'll start this article with my status I posted on Facebook recently... "Circus replace dictator of Egypt" After the former dictator fell in Egypt, the situation down there very difficult to understand and get an overview. It looks like a circus with one surprise after another. Who controls the circus and who is behind the scenes is not easy to guess. Islamists, the military, Saudi and the rich Arabs or perhaps America? ...... I ask only .. ..More

Proudly I am A Copt! Part III

1 April 2012
Resuming my weekly articles about Copts = Egyptians As we are in the process of building our new constitution and as a fact I say: I like to point out a simple fact that is Egyptians are not just Christians or Muslims there are : Jews Christians – Orthodox Christians – Catholics Christians – Protestants or Evangelic and many more Muslims – Souna Muslims –Shia Muslims – and many more Muslims Bahai that Muslims in general do not acknowledge as Muslims Atheists and who used to be classified as communists in the Nasser era Any other one who is Egyptian but not any of the above categories or classes and can not be counted within them. ..More

Pope Shenouda as a writer

26 March 2012
I do have to interrupt my series of Proudly I am A Copt; as an unexpected event took place last week Pope Shenouda III died; He fought illness more than once, in the States and Germany and last time I saw his weekly teaching was so week and he had to interrupt his broadcast… I felt it was serious and very strong feelings I see him for the last time. Actually it was he apologized from the next session and before the following become due he was not with us any more!..More

I am A Copt Part II

19 March 2012
Now having understood what the word Copt means we can understand that Copts United means Egyptians United does not by any mean means Christian Egyptians so the call it to unify the power of Egyptians regardless of religion or colours only ETHNIC EGYPTIANS which are called Copts. And if you recall on January 25 they were UNITED and forced a 30 years old Tiran out of his sit! Unity means force, do you recall the famous story of that old father of 3 sons who was about to die and gave his last lesson to his sons giving a peace of wood asking his younger son to break it that he easily did he then then he gave him 2 pieces and three until being the youngest and weakest could not break it so he asked him on his failure to pass it on to the elder son and kept adding pieces until the second and stronger than the youngest son could not break it so he finally asked him to pass on this pack of woods to his elder and strongest son and he almost succeeded to break it but soon he too was unable to break the pack as it got thicker and thicker then the father gave him sons his last lesson …. When you are not united you are like these broken woods easily broken up, you and you brothers are a family you need to be united like this pack of wood very hard to be broken in the unity there is always extreme force!!..More

Proudly I am A Copt!

12 March 2012
Few days back I watched a stormy discussion on TV about Copt United call for a political party under that name, and lots of opinions and words that hit my brains and after I had decided to write my next article about the passivity of lots of Egyptians in Egypt decided to dedicate this article to Copts and as I am a Copt and proud to be one I need to clarify point I think lots of people are confused in it for no apparent reason but the luck of Education and culture, if we all get educated and learn how to read and write, principals of physics, chemistry, mathematics, poetry and all what we learn in schools however culture is not within this and sophistication we earn it in every day life if we are willing to learn. ..More


9 March 2012
I'm Not a Politician Never Believed in them Since my early youth I learnt one thing NO Politician can be trusted... My life was scattered between Egypt, my beloved country Greece my mother's country, France, Antigua -a small small Island nowhere in the Atlas but exists- the States and finally UK. In each and every country I saw elections, parliamentarians, presidents, governors you name it...with all and each elections new hope was there old fighters defended their sits by all means, newcomers won, policies changed new faces, new promises......More

Good Morning Egypt

13 December 2011
From Manchester I write my 1st ever post I just wanted to say hi and share a thought all what I will write has no supporting documents but just recollection of real life events and memories and things I learnt at school when I was young. The main line of this subject is the Nikab where it first existed and how it existences become a habit, to understand this we need to roll back not a few years or centuries but just..More