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Michel Fahmy


Genius of SCAF and deadlock of MB

22 June 2012
Since the revolution of January 25 have started, there are many shocking and succeeding events, for instance: many historic places were burned, many prisoners have escaped and one of them is about to become the president of Egypt, Many women, children and men have been kidnapped, banks have been stolen, and the stock market have crashed. ..More

Another YES for Shafik

4 June 2012
Today, many thoughts are hitting Egypt like huge waves; most of it is destructive while few are of use. It is like a hurricane that hits all over Egypt, and affects the Egyptian personality in a very bad way, and affected ethics, religions, security, politics, media, society, economy… etc. ..More

What is MB going to do?

24 May 2012
As the political conflict in Egypt rages, and as the currents of political Islam are fighting to rule Egypt, we should analyze the presidential elections right before it starts. ُIf none of the political Islamic candidates wins the presidential elections, there is a chance that Egypt may witness somehow intense violence and some assassinations as well. This may happen if the religious currents failed to seize the presidential office to achieve its goals. The first goal is to govern Egypt by both force and elections to achieve their agenda as I explained in previous articles...More

America, an enemy of the Copts!

13 April 2012
* Meetings between US leaders (like: Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, John McCain, Jimmy Carter, etc) and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders were held. Furthermore, David Pierce, a member of the U.S. Congress, has reassured Israel after a meeting with Khairat al-Shater, the presidential candidate of FJP. Now the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) at the White House, the State Department and the International Monetary Fund are promoting for al-Shater as the next President...More

The future of the Egyptian Church

3 April 2012
We, Orthodox Christians and many other denominations, have a strong belief that the church is leaded and sponsored by the Lord himself. As it is the body of Him, and the Patriarch is the head of priesthood service not the head of priesthood. ..More