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Amany Moussa


Spokesman of Egyptians abroad for development: most of us voted to Morsy

6 June 2012
Ahmed al-Attar, spokesman of the Egyptians Abroad for Development campaign told Copts United that the campaign doesn't favor any of the candidate in the run-off, but most members have voted for Morsy in Qatar, Kuait, Saudi Arabia.. etc. ..More

ElBaradei collects signatures to join the Constitution

6 June 2012
Dr. Mohamed El Baradei has started collecting signatures to establish his party, the Constitution. He explained on his page on Facebook how to register as a founding member. ..More

Heggy: Judgment on Mubarak is being used by the satanic brotherhood

5 June 2012
Tarek Heggy, liberal writer and thinker expressed his fears that Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate may win. He said that if Morsy wins, it will be the end of modern Egypt, and a beginning of retardation which will bring Egypt back to the seventh century. ..More

Heggy condemns the announcements of al-Aswani

1 June 2012
Dr. Tarek Heggy, writer and political thinker, has condemned the announcements of the novelist, Alaa al-Aswani who said: If Copts vote for Shafik, we will vote for Islam! ..More

Investigation with MB leaders are demanded for inciting against Copts

31 May 2012
Egyptian Center for Human Rights called for investigations with Muslim Brotherhood leaders who accused the Copts of being the reason that Shafik has reached the run-off. They also accused the Copts of betraying the revolution and the blood of the martyrs. ..More

Sabahi condemns burning the headquarters of Shafik

30 May 2012
Hamdeen Sabahi, former candidate for the presidency, has condemned burning the headquarters of Shafik and said that demonstrations should be peaceful, without violence. ..More

Bassem Yousef: Claiming Copts have led Shafik to the run-off is nonsense

29 May 2012
The anchor Bassem Yousef condemned the accusation of Copts that they are the reason behind Shafik has reached the run-off. ..More

Mamoun Fandy: Egypt is on the verge of the most violent wave of the revolution

28 May 2012
Dr. Mamoun Fandy, professor of Political science and writer said that all political forces should unite to avoid what he called the most violent wave of the revolution. He added that there should be a clear quota for each team to avoid this violent wave...More

Fayoum: Scuffles between supporters of Mursi and Abul Fotouh

25 May 2012
Reporter of Al Haya private TV assured that there is a little number of voters in Fayoum, and there were scuffles and arguments between the supporters of Mohammed Mursi and Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh. ..More

Sohag: Buses of Mursi take the voters from their houses to vote for him

25 May 2012
Khalid Ali, reporter of Al Haya private TV in Suhag said that the electoral campaign in the governorate is good in general, except for few violations mostly by the supporters of Muslim Brotherhood candidate. ..More

A plan to secure Egypt in case a remnant wins!

25 May 2012
Interior Minister denied during checking on the elections in Zamalek and Dokki that Ahmed Shafiq was beaten by the supporters of the Islamists yesterday. ..More

Electoral campaigns continues against the law

24 May 2012
CBC private TV announced that there are electoral campaigns of Mohammed Mursi and Abdel Moniem Abul Fotouh in front of the electoral commissions which is against the law. ..More

Shafik in the first place at al-Dostour public opinion poll

21 May 2012
General Ahemd Shafik, the presidential candidate, came in the first place of the public opinion poll carried out by original al-Dostour newspaper (29.6%), then Amr Moussa (22.4%), Hamdeen Sabahi (18.5%), Abul Fotouh (11.2%) and Mohammed Mursi (5.5%). ..More

Freedom and Justice Party sponsors medical convoys for female circumcision

17 May 2012
However Freedom and Justice Party had denied sponsoring medical convoys in Upper Egypt for female circumcision, a document was found that proved the opposite as they advertised these medical convoys. ..More

Hazem Shoman to Abul Fotouh and Mursi:We are after the authorities!

17 May 2012
Salafi preacher Hazem Shoman advised Mohammed Mursi, and Abdul Moniem Abul Fotouh to forget about their arguments for the good of Islamists as they are after the authorities. ..More

Khalid Ali to MB: you should reveal your finances

14 May 2012
Khalid Ali, the presidential candidate asked the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood to reveal their finances. He added in an interview on al-Nahar private television with Mahmoud Saad that it is no more acceptable after the revolution to avoid mentioning the finances of the group, as it is no longer a prohibited group and it now has a political party...More

Abul Fotouh: A Muslim can convert to Christianity, but we will kill him!

14 May 2012
Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the presidential candidate in an interview with Mona al-Shazly on Dream private TV on April 28, 2012 talked about the freedom of belief, and refused to kill the apostate according to the Islamic Sharia. He mentioned a verse of Quran that gives everyone the choice to believe or not. ..More

We’re watching you: a campaign to supervise the presidential elections

11 May 2012
A campaign has been launched by a number of young people to supervise the presidential elections to come which is entitled “We’re watching you”...More

Abul Fotouh stops his presidential campaign after attacking al-Abbasya sit-in

3 May 2012
Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh announced on his Twitter account stopping all activates of his presidential campaign today to protest against the attack on al-Abbasya sit-in in which people 6 died and 150 wounded in the absence of police...More

El-Baradie: SCAF is conniver in the attacks of al-Abbasya

3 May 2012
Dr. Mohamed el-Baradie, on his Twitter account said, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government are incapable of providing security and are conniver in these attacks. He addressed them saying: you have failed. Go away, Egypt collapses thanks to you...More

Al-Khudairi encourages killing Mubarak and Suleiman like Gaddafi was killed!

17 April 2012
Jurist and MP Mahmoud al-Khudairi expressed his fears and displeasure of stealing the revolution by the remnants of the former regime, calling for passing the law of “Political Isolation” to protect the revolution as well as Egypt...More