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Sobhi Foad


MB is the trump card of America and Israel in Egypt

5 June 2012
While Young people of Egypt were receiving the bullets of policemen in Tahrir Square on January 25, Muslim Brotherhood have received American orders to wait and see what Mubarak was going to do on one hand, and make sure young people could incite the Egyptians as much as they could on the other hand. Two days later, millions of Egyptians had participated in the revolution and hundreds of Egyptians had been already killed, and finally, US ordered MB through their agent in Turkey to participate in the demonstrations. ..More

Ten Commandments to save Egypt

10 May 2012
While Egypt is in a state of collapse, and many Egyptians are bleeding in the streets for no good reason, Islamists are busy dividing the inheritance of Mubarak, participating in sit-ins and demonstrations, as well as inciting killing people..More

Stop this farce before Egypt gets burned and destroyed!

13 March 2012
It nauseated me to read this morning in the newspapers a story about one of the Islamic candidates for the presidency, which upon asking him about his platform and why should people vote for him, he answered saying that he had asked scientists and sheiks for setting a schedule for applying the Islamic law!..More