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Mena Habeeb



21 May 2012
Almasry Alyoum newspaper has published today a statement for a martyr’s mother whose son has died in Mohammed Mahmoud incidents. She said that if a remnant of the previous regime wins ..More


14 May 2012
Newspapers published that Abu Ismail has asked his supporters during his sermon in a mosque to vote for him in a separate paper to avoid annulling their voices. The man doesn’t understand he is out of the presidential race yet! ..More

New generation of Glove puppet

4 May 2012
Two days ago in an electoral conference of Mohammed Mursi, MB candidate for presidency, something really weird happened: The General Guide exempted Mursi from the full obedience rule ..More

Cake of illusion!

24 April 2012
Muslim Brotherhood has announced that Mursi is the only Islamic candidate for presidency, while Awa has announced that he is..More

Unstable and dirty

4 April 2012
Politics has been always known for being unstable and dirty, and MB has been always known for its long experience with politics. Now, after MB had promised not to ..More

Funny dictators!

28 March 2012
For many years, Islamists were not allowed to speak in Egypt, but now they can speak as much as they want. No problem yet. The problem appeared while selecting..More

Salafi, have mercy!

21 March 2012
After the departure of the Pope Shenouda, many hardline Islamists were thinking of making the Copts feel better, so they tried to issue some funny announcements,..More

Sorry, I need to hurry up!

16 March 2012
Egyptian judiciary attributed for long time of slow judges that used to last for years. Now it looks like the revolution has come to fix that: In few days ..More

scare or amuse the snakes!

12 March 2012
I have always thought that governors of Egypt love the Chinese idiom that says, “Beat the grass, to scare the snakes”. But upon hearing that the priest of al-Merinab church was sentenced to 6 months for irregularities in..More

The nose of Salafy MP

6 March 2012
I was happy to hear that an Islamic MP is undergoing a plastic surgery to make his nose more beautiful. I thought this might show that he is open-minded. However, hearing that he lied about it and made out a story ..More

Measuring crimes!

2 March 2012
Few Months ago, an Egyptian sheikh stressed that a Muslim in Pakistan is dearer to the Egyptian Muslim than any Coptic Egyptian! Today, another famous Egyptian sheikh says that the Egyptian Muslim should belong to Islam more than to Egypt!..More