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Amany Moussa


Khalid Ali to MB: you should reveal your finances

14 May 2012
Khalid Ali, the presidential candidate asked the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood to reveal their finances. He added in an interview on al-Nahar private television with Mahmoud Saad that it is no more acceptable after the revolution to avoid mentioning the finances of the group, as it is no longer a prohibited group and it now has a political party...More

Abul Fotouh: A Muslim can convert to Christianity, but we will kill him!

14 May 2012
Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the presidential candidate in an interview with Mona al-Shazly on Dream private TV on April 28, 2012 talked about the freedom of belief, and refused to kill the apostate according to the Islamic Sharia. He mentioned a verse of Quran that gives everyone the choice to believe or not. ..More

We’re watching you: a campaign to supervise the presidential elections

11 May 2012
A campaign has been launched by a number of young people to supervise the presidential elections to come which is entitled “We’re watching you”...More

Abul Fotouh stops his presidential campaign after attacking al-Abbasya sit-in

3 May 2012
Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh announced on his Twitter account stopping all activates of his presidential campaign today to protest against the attack on al-Abbasya sit-in in which people 6 died and 150 wounded in the absence of police...More

El-Baradie: SCAF is conniver in the attacks of al-Abbasya

3 May 2012
Dr. Mohamed el-Baradie, on his Twitter account said, the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) and the government are incapable of providing security and are conniver in these attacks. He addressed them saying: you have failed. Go away, Egypt collapses thanks to you...More

Al-Khudairi encourages killing Mubarak and Suleiman like Gaddafi was killed!

17 April 2012
Jurist and MP Mahmoud al-Khudairi expressed his fears and displeasure of stealing the revolution by the remnants of the former regime, calling for passing the law of “Political Isolation” to protect the revolution as well as Egypt...More

April 6: We’ll participate in the coming Friday’s demonstration with MB

12 April 2012
April 6 Movement announced they would participate with the Muslim Brotherhood in the coming Friday’s demonstration entitled "self-determination" on April 20, 2012 in Tahrir Square in Cairo and all squares of Egypt...More

Heggy: Suleiman is the Savior from MB and political Islam

9 April 2012
Dr. Tarek Heggy, the liberal thinker said that he is happy after nominating General Omar Suleiman for presidency, calling him the only savior of Egypt at the current stage. ..More

FJP: We nominated al-Shater to save the revolution

4 April 2012
Dr. Mohammed Mursi, head of Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) said the reason that made Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to nominate al-Shater for the presidency is the need for such decision in the current stage, and this is not to cancel the other one. He added: “Shoura Council of MB has decided to nominate al-Shater to save the revolution”!..More