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Monir Beshai


America is the solution!

20 April 2012
After a long and fierce debate about the eligibility of Sheik Hazem Abu Ismail to run for the presidency, the competent committee decided finally to delete his name from the records of candidates after making sure his mother has gotten the U.S. citizenship. The decision of the Committee is not a subject to appeal and thus “it’s over”...More

The illusion of dividing Egypt

28 March 2012
I understand very well why some people are thinking about the division of Egypt, though I don’t agree with them. After many terroristic attacks on Copts which have increased alarmingly during the previous decades, Many Copts have lost their hope in coexistence with Muslims in Egypt. They now believe that the only solution is separation. But, is it really the solution for the Coptic problem in Egypt? ..More

Awa, go out!

6 March 2012
When youth protests started in January 25th, 2011, it was aiming at improving the conditions of the Egyptians with its slogan Bread... Freedom Social Justice Human Dignity. Soon, the protestors discovered that it was impossible to achieve such demands in the presence of the former corrupted regime. So, they demanded the change of the system and the main slogan became "Everyone wants to overthrow the regime. Sit-ins succeeded in overthrowing President Mubarak in February 11th, 2012, passing the authority to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which wasn’t better than its predecessor, and then voices started calling for the Supreme Council to hand the power over. With the slogan, "Down ... Down... Military rule"..More