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daVideo: Trento talks about Islam and American Constitution

27 March 2012
Tom Trento, the director of the Florida Security Council, talks about the danger of ultra-conservative Muslims and extremists on the United States of America and the American Constitution. He points out to the hatred of many Muslims for the Jews, and how they think that suicide bombing and terrorism are justified, as well as their strong loyalty to Islam over their countries. He also compares between American Constitution and Sharia Law...More

Gebrael requests a commemorative banknote for Pope Shenouda

26 March 2012
Dr. Naguib Gebrael, the head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights asked the Egyptian Prime Minister to issue a commemorative banknote for the departure of Pope Shenouda III. Gabriel said that such banknote can bring 6 billion pounds to the state treasury to compensate for the deficit in the budget. This banknote may be of 1000 pounds - 500 pounds - 100 pounds - 50 pounds...More

A message to the Saudi King denouncing a fatwa about demolishing churches

26 March 2012
Dr. Naguib Gebrael, the head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights, sent an urgent message to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and king of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, denouncing the fatwa of the Mufti of Saudi Arabia which calls for demolishing the churches of the Arabian Peninsula. Gebrael explained in his letter that such racist fatwa about demolishing the churches will result in undermining the dialogue between Muslims and Christians as well as the calls for co-existence which were initiated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques more than three years ago. ..More

Holy Synod: accepting the Pope nominations after the Fortieth day

23 March 2012
Upon the meeting of the Holy Synod at Patriarch Headquarters in Abba Ruis today at 11 AM with the general congregation council and Coptic Awqaf committee, 4 statements were issued about choosing the surrogate of the Pope and nominating for the office of the Pope...More

A Coptic document for the new Constitution by law office of Coptic diaspora

23 March 2012
Law office of Coptic diaspora in Switzerland headed by Dr. Awad Shafik, professor of international law with Dr. Shetwy Abdalla, an international lawyer in Sweden, Dr. Hanna Hanna, lawyer and Dr. Wagdi Thabet, professor of constitutional law and civil liberties at the University of France has prepared a Coptic document contains some proposals and constitutional principles that comes from international charters of human rights and should be included in the new constitution. ..More

Pictures of the military plane carrying the coffin of the Pope

23 March 2012
From the official page of Giza Bishopric on Face book..More

300 Islamists attack Makarim and threaten to kill his lawyers

16 March 2012
Today, more than 300 lawyers of Salafists and Islamic groups gathered before the hall of the Court of Assiut that witnesses the trial of the Coptic Makarim Diab who is accused of defamation of the Islamic religion. Diab was sentenced to 6 years two weeks ago by the court of Abnoub without having a lawyer! And today was the appeal hearing, but his lawyer found dozens of lawyers threatening to kill him and preventing him from entering the court...More

D. Michel Fahmy: MPs should stay away from the Constitution founding Committee

6 March 2012
Dr. Michael Fahmy, the political writer, said that the Muslim Brotherhood had a big role in the travel of NGO foreign members in such way, and the cas has been over exaggerated by media, while their problem was only that they work without permission...More

Second lawsuit of defamation of religions against Eng. Sawirus is dismissed

3 March 2012
Court of "Bulaq Abul-Ela", headed by justice "Sherif Kamel", dismissed the case of defamation of religions against the businessman "Naguib Sawiris". This comes after a similar one issued last week by “Kasr El Nil” court. ..More

In the Conference of The Union of the Christians in the East in Austria.. Gebrael demands the Christian denominations to co- operate to face the radical parties

12 December 2011
One of the biggest halls in the Syriac Church in Veina witnessed a great conference on Friday attended by Dr. Nageeb Gebrael the head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights. He was invited by “The Union of the Christians of the East” which is considered the greatest Human Rights organization in Austria. The organization includes Human Rights activists from all over the world headed by Dr. Grees of a Lebanon origin and her deputy, Grant Bebawi an Egyptian engineer...More

«Die Christen werden diskriminiert»

12 June 2011
Ägypten/ Ezzat Boulos aus Wallisellen erlebte die Revolution in Ägypten hautnah mit. Der koptische Menschenrechtsaktivist sieht sein Land vor einem Aufbruch – und ist doch skeptisch! Ezzat Boulos, Sie waren von Januar bis Mai in Ägypten. Wie haben Sie den «ägyptischen Frühling», die Revolution, erlebt?..More

His Grace Bishop Suriel : Feast of the Resurrection 2011

26 April 2011
Feast of the Resurrection 2011 His Grace Bishop Suriel Bishop of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions The Resurrection: An Act of Christ's Love and Care..More

A Statement from the Union of Coptic Organizations in Europe

24 April 2011
In view of the painful incidents that have happened to our people, the Christians in Egypt, the Copts, it was decided to sit in the European Parliament in a month’s time from now, to explain the latest attacks on the Copts especially after the January 25, 2011 revolution. Such attacks are recorded by civil organizations and particularly “the organization of Egyptians against religious discrimination”, that I attached to two letters to Field Marshal Mohammad Hussein Tantawy, Head of the Army Counsel. As examples and by no means conclusive: ..More

Twenty-Nine Years of Lies...And Now Two More Years

16 May 2010
The Egyptian government is often forced to recognize past abuses in the course of putting a pretty face on future ones, as aptly illustrated by a presidential decree issued on May 11 that extended the State of Emergency for another two years. This time, the Prime Minister and parliamentarians with the ruling ..More

Egyptian Government Urged to Immediately Release Detained Egyptian Ahmadis

16 May 2010
The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) today urged the Minister of Interior to release immediately nine Egyptians detained under the Emergency Law for two months because of their affiliation with the Ahmadi confession. The organization called on the Public Prosecutor to order an end ..More


27 April 2010
“Copts United" and its late founder, Mr. Adly Abadir had a positive impact on each individual that ever joined the team. It was through its pages that space was allowed for those who seek to distinguish themselves in the media. From here emerged the names of young journalists given a chance to ..More

Congressional Members Urge State Department to Address Forced Marriage, Forced Conversion of Coptic Women and Girls in Egypt

22 April 2010
WASHINGTON, April 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Eighteen Members of Congress, from both parties, expressed "concern over continuing reports of abductions, forced marriages, and exploitation of Coptic women and girls in Egypt"...More

Two years of sectarian violence

14 April 2010
Two years of sectarian violence:What happened? Where do we begin? An analytical study of January 2008-January 2010..More

Sydney Prayer vigil Friday 19th March

10 March 2010
The Diocese of Sydney and its affiliated regions in conjunction with the Youth from the Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) invite you to a prayer vigil which will be held on Friday 19th March 2010 at Martin Place ..More

“Adly Abadir – The Legend

22 January 2010
Initiator and Engineer of the Coptic cause in general, and a Christian in private……………..Adly Abadir the human merciful legend………lit the flame of..More