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Ezzat Boulos


The Pope who loved Egypt

23 March 2012
Saturday, March 17th, at 5.00 PM, the Pope Shenouda III died. A great march of love for his great personality and his national role has started: massive crowds heading at St. Mark cathedral in Abbasia to pay the last respect for him, as well as the media talking about him for hours, mourning for his death and meditating his life...More

Which kind of future awaits for you Egypt?

1 March 2012
Laws of nature and the theories of natural selection are seems to be applied only in the developed part of the world, where it works just smoothly as sea waves. But it is not the case in Arabic and Islamic world, as the rules are different. Slow waves of civilization in Arabic and Islamic countries are opposed by storming ones of retardation which attack the fields of politics and media. It pushes toward retardation that it may take over the progressive thought by dumping it completely in Salafism and blasphemy charges, which impedes true development of thoughts to happen to the community that turns out to be against the idea of national belonging, and thus produces a unilateral fascist ideology. ..More

The invasion of Democracy

12 December 2011
A strong national feeling urges me to be there in Egypt during the time of elections because participating while so close allows dimensions to well understand the nature of the experience and the stage in a way that one can never does if just follows it live by TV. Therefore, I left the snow country and came to Egypt living some imaginative ideas that shape elections of post uprising time and also the elections of Engineers Association to which I belong. I thought it will be free and fair elections like these I experienced at the west...More