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Magdy Malak



14 March 2012
It seems that Egypt has become addicted to the term, "Anonymous." The old regime, before the revolution and after revolution, remained anonymous. Before the revolution, the doer of El-kosh, Kedessen, Omrania, was anonymous...More

A New Hope?

8 March 2012
After the announcement of Mansour Hassan electing himself in the presidential elections, we can say that there is renewed hope in our midst. Can we assume that a balance between the religious groups in parliament,..More


5 March 2012
After the ridiculous way NGO member, left Egypt, we can be sure that the whole world is laughing at us now. While the Prime Minister said we will not kneel, the SCAF has made all Egyptians bend to their power...More

Let's Cover your mouth

12 December 2011
It seems that we have to cover our mouth according to the last statements for Salafis to complete the series of covering which include till the moment hands, face, monuments, legs ......More

Health in danger

4 July 2010
The last statement launched by the chief of Egyptian association for liver cancer proclaimed that there is like 10.000 thousands per year being sick for liver cancer and it means that we live in disaster if the ratio will ..More

The crime

16 May 2010
The increase of the crime last months in Egyptian society refers to increase of the lack of law and the role of security in the country but not just that but also refers to the economic crisis in Egypt which lead people to commit this crimes . I think if the political regime doesn't move forward to word real political and economical reform a disaster will happen and in that time no one can blame the nation ...More


18 April 2010
Today all of Copts are waiting for justice to the innocent people were killed in Naga Hamaadi , in the case which known as " Kamony issue " who accused by killing the innocent Christians in Naga Hamaadi .Most probably the judge will delay the case to a next time so we are all as Christians will be waiting for that next time and will never give up to know the truth ...More

Political debate

7 March 2010
After what Mr. president have said in his visiting to Germany that Mr Al-Bardie could candidate himself to the presidential election according to the current constitution so it means exactly that Mr.President tells Al-..More