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Who is Resposible?

3 November 2009
Why Copts are slautered at the daylight, in Dayrout publiclly in fron of all masses and crouds. Why the lies and rumors are spreading against Copts. Does love liscence criminal terrorista to Copts. Does rumors - to that extent- be any thug or demagauge or crimnal gangsters of Muslims to slaughter Copts? ..More


31 October 2009
Pope Shenouda God bless you...just a small comment about your view about one of our sons nominating himself for the presidency position , yes you are right about this but i believe on the other..More

The saudi role

24 October 2009
Ahmed asswany,i have great respect for you but it seems to me that you are not really aware for what is going on inside egypt,my friend you should understand that egypt is under full saudi domination where the saudi king is the actual ruler of egypt,in other words ..More


20 October 2009
Please set free father Mittahous ....sometimes in our life people do mistakes as humans and most of the time we do it in good faith..... others in prison and entirely innocent....please set him free to go to his wife and children .....More

Hello Egypt

17 October 2009
What is going on inside egypt,it seems that every thing is upside down,sheikh elbadry is crazed person and run illegal business and never paied any tax on his profits,this is big crime but he is well ..More

Undeserved prize

13 October 2009
You would expect any country would hail a Nobel prize winner by one of its citizens, But here is the beauty of USA , no one is hailing Obama, on the contrary almost every body disagree that he deserved it, ..More

The Bad

5 October 2009
The tension between muslims and copts in egypt is backed by saudi arabia,the saudi plan has started over the last 15 years,they are well organized and they pay lots of money to spread radical islam ..More

Satanic plan

29 September 2009
We all are deeply sorry for the grave condition of egypt,we never had this stuff thirty years ago,now we have satanic plan being conducted by the big snake(saudi arabia)i do hate arabia from all ..More

The lesseon

26 September 2009
It is most unfortunate that the minister, Farouk Hosny lost the electoral struggle to become The Secretary-General for the UNESCO organisation, the highest international cultural body and the ..More


19 September 2009
Terrorism its symbol our hearts wounding daily upon our kinderds and we are very astonishing to those terrors from those police officers actually egypt not a place to any christain person to leave ..More


16 September 2009
The Egyptian media in general has become under complete domination of the Muslim fanatics of Egypt, this is danger sign show us that the Muslim fanatics have become very powerful and the government is powerless and weak comparing to these terrorists who spread like cancer in everywhere in Egypt ..More