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Mary Abdelmassih


Egyptian Christians Fear More Muslim Violence‏

1 November 2009
Egypt (AINA) -- Egyptian security forces have intensified their presence in the Upper Egyptian town of Dairout, in anticipation of a recurrence of Muslim violence against Christians. Copts expressed their fear over leaflets entitled "These have to Die!" which are ..More

Church Renovation Prompts Muslim Mob Attack in Egypt‏

31 October 2009
Egypt (AINA) -- On Tuesday evening, October 27, a Muslim mob attacked the Church of St. George in the village of Nazlet Albadraman, located in the Deir Mawas District, Minya Province. The Priest and the congregation were held inside until they were freed ..More

Forced Islamization of Christian Conscripts in the Egyptian Army

13 October 2009
(AINA) -- Mistreatment of Christian conscripts in the Egyptian army, including beatings, psychological harassment and torture, at the hands of radical Muslim officers to force them to convert to Islam ..More

Egyptian Police Arrest Christian Father for Attempting to Free Kidnapped Daughter

6 October 2009
Alexandria, Egypt (AINA) -- At dawn on Saturday, October 3, 2009, Egyptian State Security forces arrested a group of Christian Copts in different parts of the city in Alexandria, after severely ..More

Muslim Kills Egyptian Christian, Villagers Attack Mourners At Funeral

1 October 2009
Egypt (AINA) -- Nayer Mansour Sahrab, a Muslim minibus driver, stabbed four Christian Copts on Sunday, September 27, in the village of Delga, Deir Mawas, Al Minya Governorate, killing one and ..More

Muslim Convert to Christianity Prevented From Leaving Egypt

27 September 2009
(AINA) -- Egyptian authorities have prevented Maher El-Gowhary, a Muslim-born Christian convert, from leaving the country. He was detained at Cairo Airport. His passport confiscated and he was ..More

Muslim Man Beheads Christian in Egypt

22 September 2009
Egypt (AINA) -- Osama Araban, a Muslim man riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, went on a rampage last week in Egypt, killing 63-year old Coptic Christian Abdo George Younan, in the village of Bagour,..More

Church Firebombed in Egypt After Opposition From Muslim Neighbors

16 September 2009
The Coptic Church of Saint Paul and Saint Peter in the town of Shebin el Kom, 60 kilometers northwest of Cairo, was burnt on 9/8/2009, No casualties were reported. There were conflicting reports as to the cause of the fire, the Egyptian police told the media that it was caused by a "short circuit" even before carrying out an arson investigation, while others believe it was arson...More